Bacteriophage Amplification

A US-based pharmaceutical company contacted us as they wanted to increase their yield of bacteriophage production from their current bioreactor system.

Our Sales Director, Craig Loftus, travelled to their facility in the USA with the CellMaker Regular Controller and 8L CellMaker Enclosure to assist with their process.

Craig learned their current production was 1 x 109 PFU per mL. He ran their process using the CellMaker. This included adding 3.75 litres of LB media and 10mL anti foam keeping a temperature of 37C and air flow of 5L/min. After 2 hours, the company’s proprietary phage was added, and 4 hours after that, samples were taken for PFU counting.

The overnight plate sample measured 3 x 1010 PFU per mL, showing a 30 fold increase over current yield.

This client can expect to produce a yield 30 times higher than their previous process from their first batch. Using our single-use system, they can also expect to save time. There is no cleaning, autoclaving or downtime required between processes. They can also expect to save space in their laboratory with our self contained and low footprint system.