Rapidly and easily produce quality antibodies.

“We have found the CellMaker reliable, easy to use and invaluable in our antibody production process, with minimal labour required. Our qualified team likes working with this bioreactor, using the advantages of disposable technologies and its precise regulation of biochemical parameters (pH, pO2, temperature). At low-cost and with low labour, the CellMaker rapidly produces large quantities of high-quality antibodies with high specific activity. The CellMaker system is a vital part of the production process of our innovative and unique p53 antibodies.”


Dr Jean-Christophe Bourdon, Principal investigator, Head of p53 isoform research group, University of Dundee

Download our application note to discover what Dr Jean-Christophe Bourdon, Head of the p53 isoform laboratory at the University of Dundee, achieved using our system to produce a range of p53 antibodies from murine hybridoma cells.

Scale up your antibody production quickly and easily

The CellMaker automates your processes to create quality antibodies with less manpower.

Easily scale up antibody production

Automate your process with reproducible results

Self-contained system with small laboratory footprint

The CellMaker Plus

Our single-use airlift bioreactor system offers built-in control and monitoring of temperature, pH and Dissolved Oxygen. Choose our airlift system for gentle mixing with low shear stress to produce quality antibodies.

Working Volumes

Our custom-made mammalian bioreactor bags can scale up your production. Our CellMaker range includes the benchtop 8L Enclosure and the floor standing 50L Enclosure. Both are controlled from the same CellMaker Controller and are interchangeable, resulting in a low footprint system with a scalable 3L to 50L working volume.

CellMaker Bioreactor
CellMaker Bioreactor

Simplify your production

Replace your multiple flasks with our bioreactor system, and easily perform visual checks through its transparent front panel. Our system maintains the optimal conditions for antibody production throughout the run.