Meet our distribution network

We are now working with 7 distributors across the world to bring the CellMaker to a global audience.

The CellMaker range is now available from Lab Sweden and Lab Denmark, Nerliens Meszansky in Norway, MTB in Spain, Szabo Scandic in Austria and ProBio in Israel. We are also in discussions with a new distributor to cover Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg.

We are also strengthening our links with the USA and Canada with production of our disposable bioreactors moving to Indiana after considering numerous facilities across Europe and the USA. The CellMaker systems will continue to be manufactured in-house from our Dundee location by our engineers and assembly partners.


Meet our Distributors

  • Lab Sweden and Lab Denmark are part of the Clara Lab group and offer laboratory supplies to the Nordic region.
  • Nerliens Meszansky are the oldest suppliers of laboratory equipment in Norway.
  • MTB have more than 25 years’ experience marketing scientific and quality control equipment in Spain.
  • Szabo Scandic have over 50 years’ experience in the distribution and servicing of consumables, research reagents, laboratory instruments and specific diagnostics in Austria.
  • ProBio serves advanced technologies and high quality products to the Israeli pharmaceutical and life sciences market.


With our global distribution network in place, we are welcoming our distributors to Dundee for the first time later this month for a Distributor Day training exercise. This event offers the opportunity for the sales, marketing and engineering teams at Cellexus to meet distributors, share ideas and learn from each other.


Find your local distributor.