Join our Panel at the Phage Futures Congress 2021

Meet the Cellexus team and take part in our panel session at Phage Futures 2021.


Our Panel Session

We are hosting a panel session at Phage Futures, hosted by Dr Adam Ostrowski, Technical Application Specialist at Cellexus. Our panellists include Jonathan Kotula, Head of Science at Felix Biotechnology, Rodrigo García González, from the Bacteriophage Biology and Microbial Interactions Lab at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Dr. Manuel Garrido, Production Specialist at TechnoPhage, and Dr. Teresa Duarte, Head of CMC at Vector B2B.


Our panel is scheduled to take place on Thursday 25 February at 10:45am EST / 15:45pm GMT.


Beyond the flask: phage amplification at scale

Amplification of bacteriophages at a lab scale is successfully delivered by labs throughout the world. However, when the phage needs to be used at an industrial scale, a flask culture quickly becomes a process bottleneck. Among the most common issues are flask-to-flask reproducibility, incubator space, number of available flasks and cleaning. Up-scaling by increasing the number of flasks per culture quickly stops being an attractive option and alternative solutions must be found. There are many types of fermenters allowing upscale, each with its own benefits but also challenges in process adaptation. Also not each phage and each host strain are equal and biotechnologists need to consider the biological requirements of a large volume process as well as the biophysical and technological ones. At this roundtable we invite discussion on the challenges, solutions and experiences gained by academics, developed bioindustry and those just beginning their start-up journey alike. We will discuss upscaling of phage production for both medical and agrotechnical use and the audience is invited to take an active part in the discussion.


Meet the Cellexus Team

Dr Adam Ostrowski, Technical Application Specialist, will be joined by Yann Lecouturier and Chloe Jones from our Business Development team. Our team would be delighted to meet with you during the conference, please contact us to arrange a suitable time.


The Cellexus team


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Phage Futures Congress


Date: Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 February 2021

Our panel is scheduled to take place on 25 February at 10:45am EST / 15:45pm GMT.


This conference will run online due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Click the image below to view the Agenda and book your tickets, with an exclusive 10% discount code when you quote CELLEXUS10.

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