CellMaker 4L bioreactor bags

CellMaker 4L bags are innovative single-use bioreactor bags designed to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of bioprocessing. These bags are specifically tailored to fit seamlessly within the 8L enclosure, providing a versatile solution for researchers and biotechnologists seeking optimal bioreactor performance. The CellMaker 4L bags have a working volume of 1.5 litres to 4 litres, making them ideal for various applications that require smaller-scale bioprocessing. The design of CellMaker 4L bags is carefully crafted to ensure they fit perfectly in the 8L enclosure. This strategic placement not only optimizes the mixing and gas transfer within the bioreactor but also allows for easy access and monitoring of the culture during the entire process.

Benefits of Using CellMaker 4L Bags:

  1. Enhanced Flexibility: CellMaker 4L bags offer the flexibility to run experiments with smaller volumes, enabling researchers to conserve valuable resources such as media, reagents, and cell lines. This versatility is particularly beneficial for early-stage research and process development.
  2. Reduced Contamination Risk: The single-use nature of CellMaker 4L bags minimizes the risk of cross-contamination between batches. Each new experiment starts with a fresh and sterile bag, ensuring the integrity of the culture and maintaining reliable results.
  3. Streamlined Workflow: Integrating seamlessly with the CellMaker Dual system, the 4L bags simplify the setup and operation of bioprocessing experiments. Researchers can focus more on their work and less on complicated equipment preparation.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: By eliminating the need for cleaning, sterilization, and validation of traditional bioreactors, CellMaker 4L bags offer a cost-effective alternative for small-scale bioprocessing, especially in research and development environments.
  5. Scale-Up Capability: Researchers can easily scale up their experiments by using multiple 4L bags within the 8L enclosure or by transitioning to larger working volume bags if necessary. This adaptability ensures a smooth transition from research to production.

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