The CellMaker

What is the difference between the Plus and the Regular, and how do I know which one is the right for me?

Can you provide a GMP package?

Are your systems FAT/SAT tested?

What are the working volumes of the CellMaker Enclosure?

Which Enclosures are compatible with the Dual Regular Controller?

Can I have a demonstration of the system?


What applications can the CellMaker be used for?

Is the CellMaker suitable for Anerobic Fermentation?

How do I monitor optical density using the CellMaker?

CellMaker Features

Which gasses can I use with the CellMaker?

What process temperature can the CellMaker deliver?

Can you customise the CellMaker?

Can we have a bigger bioreactor?

What accessories are available for the CellMaker?

What are the CellMaker Bioreactor Bags made of?

Everything else

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