Flexible Solutions

Our single-use bioreactor range offers a faster route to market than current technologies.

And it’s not just our products that are different. We offer a bespoke solution for every client. Our team offers product trials in your own laboratory with your own process. Our support doesn’t end there, our experts are available after purchase too.

Every machine is built in-house by our team of engineers. They understand every aspect of the product, so you can rest assured that you will receive full support to get the most from our system. If you have a bespoke need, our expert team are on hand to work with you to find a custom solution.

Our technology was originally invented in Cambridge by Kevin A. Auton Ph.D., and has since benefited from over a decade of development. The company moved to Dundee, Scotland, before being acquired by its current management in 2017.

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Continual Innovation

With an in-house Research & Development team, we are always innovating! From designing new products to building custom machines, our team can create the perfect solution for your cell culture and fermentation processes.

Expert Team

Our team has many years of experience working within the life sciences industry, and we fully understand your process needs and challenges.

Individual Service

We provide a full and comprehensive service: from demonstrating our product in your lab using your own process, to building the machine in-house and providing ongoing support, you can rely on our team to keep you going.

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