IBioIC’s 10th Anniversary Conference

Meet Anna and Fiona at IBioIC’s 10th Anniversary Conference and see the exciting CellMaker live!

Location: Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow.

Date: 13-14 March 2024.

As IBioIC marks a decade of ground-breaking advancements in the industrial biotechnology sector. This conference is set to reflect on the remarkable transformation witnessed in the industrial biotechnology sphere over the past ten years. From pioneering technologies to innovative policies, the conference aims to celebrate key success stories that have shaped the industry into what it is today.

Gain valuable perspectives from thought leaders and industry experts who have been instrumental in driving transformation on this two-day event and dive deep into sessions that unpack the latest research, industry trends, and future developments.

Anna and Fiona look forward to connecting with fellow professionals, researchers and innovators to foster collaborations and partnerships.

Explore the endless possibilities with the CellMaker bioreactor featuring cutting-edge technology and discover how it is revolutionising the landscape of biotechnology.