Festival of Biologics 2023

Join Cellexus and 7Biosciences at the Festival of Biologics and see the CellMaker exhibited at:

Location: Hall 1 Messe Basel, Basel, Switzerland.

Date: 10-12th October 2023.

The Festival of Biologics in Basel is a premier event that brings together the brightest minds and leading organizations in the field of biologics.

Why Attend the Festival of Biologics in Basel?

  1. Innovation Hub: Attending the Festival of Biologics allows you to tap into the vibrant ecosystem in Basel and stay at the forefront of innovation in biologics.
  2. Knowledge Exchange: The festival hosts a diverse range of experts, from scientists and researchers to industry leaders and innovators. You can expect to gain insights into the latest advancements, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices in biologics through keynote presentations, panel discussions, and workshops.
  3. Networking Opportunities: With attendees from around the world, the festival offers an exceptional networking platform. You’ll have the chance to connect with potential collaborators, investors, clients, and mentors, fostering valuable relationships that can drive your career or business forward.

What to Expect at the Festival of Biologics in Basel?

  1. Inspiring Keynotes: Listen to renowned experts and thought leaders deliver inspiring keynotes on topics ranging from drug discovery and development to the future of biologics.
  2. Interactive Workshops: Participate in hands-on workshops to gain practical knowledge and skills in various aspects of biologics research and development.
  3. Exhibition Area: Come and see the CellMaker live in action at booth 106.
  4. Networking Events: Engage in structured networking events, allowing you to make meaningful connections with like-minded professionals.
  5. Scientific Poster Sessions: Witness cutting-edge research through scientific poster presentations, and interact directly with researchers to exchange ideas.
  6. Roundtable Discussions: Join roundtable discussions on pertinent industry topics, enabling in-depth conversations and knowledge sharing.

Whether you’re seeking the latest scientific advancements, valuable networking opportunities, or a chance to connect with industry leaders, this event offers it all. Don’t miss the opportunity to say hello to our team and talk about your process!