Green Value Chain – Case Study – Cellexus International

In this video, Fiona Bellot, the Sales Director at Cellexus International, sheds light on the ground-breaking single-use airlift bioreactor system and its transformative impact on the green value chain. Watch the video as we explore the advantages of this innovative technology, from reducing energy demands to streamlining cell culture and fermentation processes, all while promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The CellMaker airlift bioreactor stands apart in its ability to significantly reduce energy demands throughout the development, manufacturing, and delivery of biological products. By adopting this single-use airlift system, researchers can minimise gas consumption and overall energy requirements, leading to a more sustainable bioprocessing approach.

Unlike traditional bioreactors that rely on mechanical devices for media mixing, the CellMaker bioreactor employs a unique bag design. This design ensures uniform mixing and efficient gas and nutrient exchange through directed flow of gas bubbles within the liquid culture. The gentle agitation reduces shear stress on sensitive cells, maintaining optimal conditions for high cell viability.

The CellMaker offers a plug-and-play setup, simplifying and accelerating cell culture and fermentation processes. Researchers can easily collect valuable data, optimize their experiments, and potentially reduce the number of development runs before scaling up to manufacturing. The absence of laborious cleaning runs between batches enables a more efficient and continuous workflow, facilitating quicker product-to-market timelines.

We work with a European pharmaceutical company called Proteon Pharmaceuticals, who manufacture bacteriophage products for animal feeds. By utilising the CellMaker, this company takes pride in operating at Net Zero, contributing positively to both animal and human health with an antibiotic-free alternative.

At Cellexus, sustainability is at the core of our innovations. We continuously seek ways to improve our systems’ environmental impact. By opting for medical-grade tubing over premium, scarce platinum tubing, we ensure sustainability without compromising quality. Additionally, we’ve optimized carton sizes to reduce packaging and shipping materials, further minimizing our ecological footprint.

Amidst the Covid pandemic, Cellexus International has embraced virtual meetings as an equally effective means of communication with our valued customers. This approach has substantially reduced travel, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and reduced carbon emissions.


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