Infographic: The Phage Maker

The Phage Maker Infographic


The Phage Maker

The CellMaker is the perfect solution to scale up your bacteriophage production. Find out how our airlift, single-use bioreactor system differs from traditional methods, and how we can help your processes.

  1. Keeps your culture sterile
  2. Start your process in a new reactor every time, with no cleaning
  3. Kind to bacterial cells. Happy cells = lots of phage
  4. Customers have increased their yield by a factor of 10 compared to traditional methods
  5. Easy to use and quick to set up
  6. Space efficient
  7. Can support anaerobic bacteria
  8. Working volumes from 1.5L to 100L using one controller
  9. GMP and GLP compatible
  10. No cumbersome accessories, everything you need in one box

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