The unique airlift bioreactor.

What is airlift technology?

The CellMaker bioreactor systems use gas bubbles to move cells and nutrients. Inside every sterile CellMaker Bioreactor bag is a sparge tube. These tubes are positioned at the bottom of the bioreactor bags. They release air bubbles that gently rise through the liquid culture, creating a natural and efficient airlift effect. As the air rises, it induces circulation, promoting excellent gas-liquid mixing throughout the bioreactor.

The Unique Shape of Bioreactor Bags:

The bioreactor bags used with CellMaker Airlift Technology feature a distinctive shape designed to optimize the gas-liquid mixing process. The innovative design ensures that the air bubbles evenly disperse throughout the liquid culture, reaching all corners of the bioreactor bag. This uniform distribution of air enhances mass transfer, allowing cells to receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen for optimal growth and productivity.

Benefits of our single-use airlift system

  • Eliminates the need for mechanical mixing
  • Excellent Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR)
  • No cleaning required thanks to our disposable CellMaker Bioreactors
  • No additional equipment, such as shakers, rockers and external heating and cooling systems required.
  • Our system is self-contained to save you space in the lab.