What is a single-use airlift bioreactor?

The CellMaker range of bioreactors use a patented airlift technology unique to Cellexus. We have dedicated more than a decade to the research, design and development of our revolutionary technology.

What is airlift technology?

Our bioreactor system uses gas bubbles to move cells and nutrients. Inside every sterile CellMaker Bioreactor is a sparge tube which is used to distribute gases, such as air, oxygen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide, through the bioreactor contents.

How does it work?

Our single-use system is comprised of a Controller, Enclosure and Bioreactor. The contents of the bioreactor are agitated by an influx of gases through a sparge tube. These gases are accurately controlled from the CellMaker Controller to suit your required environment.

This method eliminates the need for additional equipment and mechanical mixing while offering ideal oxygenation to produce excellent results.

Benefits of our single-use airlift system

  • Eliminates the need for mechanical mixing
  • Excellent Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR)
  • No cleaning required thanks to our disposable CellMaker Bioreactors
  • No additional equipment, such as shakers, rockers and external heating and cooling systems required.
  • Our system is self-contained to save you space in the lab.