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We pioneer revolutionary, market leading single-use airlift bioreactor systems and technology.

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The CellMaker

Our bioreactor systems deliver a unique way of aerating and mixing your process using airlift technology designed to improve and simplify your cell culture and fermentation processes.

Choose from our Regular, Plus and Low Flow CellMaker Controllers available with working volumes from 1.5L to 50L.

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The CellMaker airlift bioreactor is ideal for cell culture and fermentation in various applications including: phage production, aerobic and anaerobic fermentation processes, alt. protein production, cellular agriculture, advanced therapeutics, protein expression, viral vector production, fungal biomass, monoclonal antibodies, stem cells and many other biotherapeutics. Our single-use bioreactor has been proven successful with microbial fermentations, such as E. coli expression systems, phage amplification, CHO cell culture and antibody production in both GMP and GLP environments.

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