CellMaker Dual Regular Controller now available

The CellMaker Regular Controller is now available as a Dual Controller, allowing users to easily scale up and double their yield.


The Dual Regular Controller was designed and created by our in-house Research and Development team from a research project supported by Scottish Enterprise. The system allows customers to scale up their production, managing two Enclosures from one Controller unit. Customers can choose two 8L Enclosures for working volumes of 3L to 8L per Enclosure, two 50L Enclosures for working volumes of 10L to 50L per Enclosure, or one of each.


This new addition to the range combines all the features of our Regular Controller, but with the added functionality of running two Enclosures at the same time. Each Enclosure can run identical processes, or two different processes, effectively doubling their yield with a very low laboratory footprint.


Our new Dual unit was produced in response to feedback from our customers, who wanted a flexible system to easily scale up their production with a smaller footprint in their laboratories and a low investment.


Double your processes with our Dual Regular Controller.