Double up your processes

Easily scale up your CellMaker Regular system with a Dual Controller.

Combining all the features of our Regular Controller, but with the added functionality of running two Enclosures at the same time.

Build your system with 2 x 8L Enclosures, 2 x 50L Enclosures, or 1 x 8L and 1 x 50L.

These Enclosures can then run identical or separate processes, both being managed from the same Controller unit.

Complete your bioreactor with two Enclosures and our CellMaker Bioreactor Bags.

As well as standard purchase, we offer flexible rental options for our system. Click here to try before you buy.

For control over pH and DO levels, see our CellMaker Plus Controller, or for a low air flow rate, see our CellMaker Low Flow Controller.

Dual functionality

  • Use one Controller to run two Enclosures
  • Produce identical or separate processes in each Enclosure
  • Low footprint


  • Choose from 2 x 8L, 2 x 50L or 1 x 8L and 1 x 50L
  • Use one system to produce a range of cells
  • Interchangeable enclosures to easily scale up
  • Rental available

Rapid Results

  • Quick set up
  • Less downtime
  • Faster route to market
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