An ergonomic way to thermoregulate your bioreactor

The CellMaker bioreactor system is complete with a patented Enclosure which uses unique airlift technology to move cells and nutrients which eliminates the need for mechanical stirring.

For complete control, our self-contained system offers oxygen, pH and temperature regulation, with an integrated Peltier heater cooler enabling accurate temperature control from 16°C to 40°C without the need for external equipment.

Our system is single-use, using disposable CellMaker Bioreactor Bags to culture cells in working volumes from 1.5L to 50L. Our technology eliminates reactor cleaning and contamination: once your run is complete, simply harvest, remove the bioreactor bag and set up the next process.

Choose from 8L and 50L Enclosures, both of which are compatible with our Regular, Plus and Low Flow Controllers and Bioreactor Bags.

As well as standard purchase, we offer flexible rental options for our system. Click here to try before you buy.

Temperature Control

  • An integrated Peltier heater cooler enables accurate temperature control from 16°C to 40°C


  • Work in volumes from 1.5L to 50L
  • Buy a complete 8L system today, and scale up tomorrow by simply adding a 50L enclosure
  • Rental available

8 & 50 Litre

  • Choose our benchtop 8L Enclosure for working volumes from 1.5L to 8L.
  • Scale up to our larger 50L Enclosure for working volumes from 10L to 50L.
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