CellMaker LowFlow system-applications

What is the CellMaker LowFlow System?

The CellMaker LowFlow System is a bioreactor system designed to optimize the growth of delicate cell lines. With its gentle agitation and precise control over critical parameters, this system provides researchers and biotechnologists with a powerful tool for producing a wide range of valuable biopharmaceuticals and biotherapeutics.

Gentle Cell Culture for Mammalian Cell Lines: The CellMaker LowFlow System is specifically engineered to handle the unique demands of mammalian cell lines. Its gentle agitation and aeration minimize shear stress, ensuring the preservation of cell viability and productivity. This makes it an ideal choice for working with delicate cells, where maintaining cell integrity is crucial.

Versatility in Bioproduction: The CellMaker LowFlow System offers versatility in bioproduction, accommodating a variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  1. Recombinant Proteins: Harness the power of the CellMaker LowFlow System to produce high-quality recombinant proteins for therapeutic and research purposes. The system’s precise control over the culture environment ensures optimal protein expression and yield.
  2. Antibodies: Accelerate antibody production with the CellMaker LowFlow System. Its gentle cell culture conditions are well-suited for the delicate nature of antibody-producing cell lines, resulting in improved antibody productivity.
  3. Viral Vectors: The CellMaker LowFlow System’s ability to cultivate mammalian cell lines makes it an excellent platform for viral vector production, facilitating gene therapy and vaccine research.

Low Airflow Range: The CellMaker LowFlow System sets itself apart with a lower airflow range compared to the regular and plus models. The airflow ranges from 0.2 to 2 LPM (liters per minute), contributing to the gentle agitation and aeration that benefits delicate cell cultures.

Compatibility with Multiple Enclosures: Whether you choose the 8L or 50L enclosure, the CellMaker LowFlow System remains compatible with both, allowing seamless scale-up capabilities. Start with smaller volumes and confidently transition to larger production runs without the need for substantial equipment changes.

Advanced Monitoring and Control: The CellMaker LowFlow System offers sophisticated monitoring and control features, including the capability to measure and record pH and dissolved oxygen levels. This allows researchers to maintain precise control over critical culture parameters, ensuring consistent and reproducible results.

Gas Flexibility for Your Process: The CellMaker LowFlow System can be used with a variety of gases, allowing you to tailor the bioprocessing conditions to suit your specific research needs. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various cell lines and cultures, maximizing experimental success.