Automated culture of mammalian cells

Mammalian cell culture requires precise control of various parameters coupled with continuous movement. The CellMaker Plus airlift bioreactor paired with our specially designed mammalian disposable bioreactor bags are perfectly suited for this application. Our system provides gentle mixing with low shear stress to produce quality proteins, and maintains optimal conditions for the production of mammalian cells throughout the run.

Replace multiple flasks with our bioreactor system to easily scale up your early stage protein production. Choose from our 8L or 50L Enclosures to produce working volumes of 1.5L to 50L without the labour-intensive flask work.

Our system automates your process for reproducible results at the touch of a button. Easily monitor and control temperature, pH and Dissolved Oxygen with built-in probes, and quickly perform visual checks through the transparent front panel.

This mammalian cell bioreactor is self-contained with a small laboratory footprint  and therefore won’t take up too much room in your lab when space is at a premium.

Cell and Gene Therapy

The CellMaker Low Flow bioreactor system delivers happier, healthier cells, produced quickly and efficiently. This is due to the extremely low air flow rate, which provides gentle airlift mixing suitable for cells that are more sensitive to shear stress.

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