Rapid manufacturing of quality antibodies

Recombinant antibody production can be a labour-intensive process with a high risk of contamination. Our CellMaker systems are designed to allow a fast turnaround with minimal downtime but without the risk of contamination, thanks to their sterile, single-use, disposable bioreactor bags.

The CellMaker uses our revolutionary airlift technology delivering a low air flow for extremely gentle mixing of cells sensitive to shear stress. Cellexus, in collaboration with the University of Abertay Dundee have demonstrated the bioreactor’s suitability for recombinant antibody expression in CHO cells. This novel cell culturing system has also been used to grow hybridoma cell lines for monoclonal antibody production.

The CellMaker has been used in scale up of production of antibodies 5-fold compared to the flask culture. Additionally, in E. coli it was possible to scale up the expression of recombinant proteins to higher yields per litre in comparison to flask culture.

CellMaker systems dynamically regulate temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen, as required for cell culture, allowing large scale recombinant antibody production in a small laboratory footprint.

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