Jun 23 Product Guides

WATCH: An Introduction to the CellMaker

Robert, Technical Application Specialist at Cellexus, takes you on a full walkthrough of the CellMaker. Discover everything you need to…

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Jan 13 Product Guides

Why Choose Airlift Technology

Bubble Bioreactor The role of a bioreactor is to provide the ideal environment for cells to focus on what they…

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Nov 10 Company NewsProduct Guides

Cell and Gene Therapy with the CellMaker Low Flow Bioreactor System

Cellexus airlifts cell and gene therapy research to new heights with the CellMaker Low Flow bioreactor system In the era…

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Nov 09 Product Guides

New 4L CellMaker Bioreactor Bags

  New 4L CellMaker Bioreactor Bags 4L Bioreactor bags are now available for the CellMaker bioreactor systems. Now with initial…

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Oct 27 Case StudiesProduct Guides

White Paper: Amplification and transfection of CHO suspension cells in the CellMaker Low Flow bioreactor

Adam Ostrowski1, Scott Cameron2, Sean Brown2 1Cellexus International, Dundee, UK; 2University of Abertay Dundee, Dundee, UK   Background The Chinese…

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Oct 22 Product Guides

The Phage Maker: Making your bioreactor work for you

Introduction With bacteriophage research moving at an exciting pace, the next stage is inevitably increasing your production volumes. Although scale-up…

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Oct 20 Product Guides

Infographic: The Phage Maker

  The Phage Maker The CellMaker is the perfect solution to scale up your bacteriophage production. Find out how our…

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Nov 20 Product Guides

Infographic: Should I rent or purchase my CellMaker?

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Feb 05 Company NewsProduct Guides

CellMaker Dual Regular Controller now available

The CellMaker Regular Controller is now available as a Dual Controller, allowing users to easily scale up and double their…

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Jun 24 Product Guides

What is a single-use airlift bioreactor?

The CellMaker range of bioreactors use a patented airlift technology unique to Cellexus. We have dedicated more than a decade…

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